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The Pitch:

Clothesline Productions, an online media magazine, helps artists of various flavors expand their reach by driving web traffic to a central location – so that all may benefit from a larger shared audience. Call it a collective, a springboard, creative promotion, or the manifestation of self-imposed deadlines for right-brained types. We call it a magazine so that people might have a clue what to expect when they click a link from Facebok or wherever. It is a labour of love, we donate our time, our mojo and our web skills to make it happen – you donate your creativity to affect humanity positively. We currently accept most submissions – we do ask that they somehow reflect the issue’s current theme.

The Point:

Hopefully, when a fan follows an artist they currently dig to the site, they will decide to cut loose and explore some other artists, to which they may not have otherwise been exposed. Furthermore, if all the contributors have some sort of online presence, such as a you-tube channel, a professional website, a band-camp account, a blog, etc., this will provide the cross-over audience member an opportunity for further exploration and general adoration. For the contributor, Clothesline also serves as an artistic community, providing a safe way to experiment artistically and to share ideas in a casual way.

The Particulars:

When you submit your piece, you are giving us permission to promote it as we see fit. We promise not to make any money directly off your work. We promise if the opportunity arises to make money from your work, we will let you know. You promise to submit original material. You promise to help promote the site. We try and be good communicators. You try and meet deadlines. We all operate in good faith.

Find people who relate to you! Make them your digital relations! Submit stuff from a camera, microphone, pen, or anything in any combination (digitally, of course).

Even if you are not an artist, we bet you know one. Help spread the word about Clothesline!

Founder, Director, and Designer: Erik Stonikas (The Bellwether, and Solo)

Earn cred, share a bit.


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Wanna be on Clothesline?

Clothesline is always accepting submissions from interested contributors. If you’re interested, send a message with who you are and what you do with links to examples. In a day or two, someone will get back to you, guaranteed!

Maybe you prefer emails? We just want you to be happy..