Leaf Peeping with Cecil

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Fall is unequivocally the foremost season for heart-pounding, recreational activities. The king of the fall sports, in my opinion (narrowly edging out pickleball), is leaf peeping.  Leaf peeping is the sport of hunting down then thoughtfully viewing sensational fall foliage, and it combines two of the most difficult sports disciplines to master: outdoorsmanship and contemplation.

I’m the type of guy that’s always working for the weekend, if you know what I mean, but that is never truer than during the fall. I can hardly sleep on Friday nights, anticipating the moment that I’ll wake up the next morning, throw on my heavy sweater vest, give my mom a kiss goodbye, and hit the great outdoors. I hardly get my scooter out of the garage before I’m captivated by a particularly breathtaking foliole.

Additionally, if you’ve got friends or family members that will talk to you, leaf peeping is the perfect pastime to share with with loved ones. Just the other day, I went out with one of my hardcore peeping buddies into a majestic, suburban neighborhood on a beautiful, brisk fall night. And when I say hardcore, I mean it.  I choose to admire the leaves from a more traditional angle, the ground, but this frond fanatic is always climbing the trees to get a better look. He even has a cool nickname for himself, “Peeping Tom.”  I’m not completely sure where that comes from, since his name is Rick, but I just chalk it up to the zany, fun nature of the peeping community.

I feel like it’s only responsible to warn you, however, that a serious sport like leaf peeping is not without certain dangers. On the whole, I’d say the activity is only moderately dangerous at its worst, but as with any athletic endeavor, you should take the appropriate precautions. Leaf peeping requires trained and toned neck muscles, and you should obviously limber up to avoid cramping or pinching a nerve. And it’s not a bad idea to keep your eyes peeled for environmental hazards too. If it weren’t below my belt line, I’d show you a pretty nasty squirrel bite that I got a few seasons ago.

There are only a few weeks left in this year’s leaf peeping season, and most peepers agree that we’re seeing the most spectacular umbrage we’ve seen since the magical run of ‘06. Be sure to layer your clothing appropriately, but then get outside and and get your peep on.

Godspeed and good peeping!

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