2011, You Are Not the Boss of Me Anymore

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Happy New Year, everyone.  I’m not usually one to make resolutions or think that January 1st magically gives me a clean slate or fresh start or whatever, but sign me up and pass the kool-aid, I’m totally buying into it this year.  2012, you have a lot of making up to do.  2011 was a straight-up jerk, baiting and switching me by starting off all amazing and full of promise and everything falling into place and stuff, with all of it careening down the other side of the mountain by March.  Seriously uncool.  So, I’m sure neither all of you nor 2011 will be surprised when I say:  Hey, 2011, thanks for nothing.  I thought you were going to be awesome and you were actually the complete opposite.  I’m sure I’ve learned all sorts of valuable lessons and am better for having gone through it or something, but even if all of that is true, bye-bye and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

The thing is, I did learn all sorts of valuable lessons, and I am better for having gone through it.  It’s a new year, I’m in a different place, and I suddenly need the rest of my life to fall in line like I need oxygen.  This typically either means I change my hair or I do a ruthless, take no prisoners purging of my closet.  I already cut my hair, so the closet’s totally getting it.

I routinely clean out my closet, and suggest the same to my clients when I start working with them.  It’s so easy to just hang new things up without taking stock of what you already have, then before you know it you have absolutely no idea what’s in there and you’ve bought seven pairs of identical black pants (Or, in my case, gray sweaters.  It’s a problem).  Clear out all of the clutter, the outdated, the ill-fitting and the worn out, and you can really see what you’re dealing with.  You might even find that  – surprise! – you do, if fact, have something to wear.

This process is not always strictly utilitarian, though.  Clothing is emotional.  We hang on to prom dresses and jeans we wore in college that we will never wear again but cannot part with because of the memories and where they take us. The things I’m pulling out of my closet right now take me back to birthdays and first dates; to last Fall when I was happy and comfortable and wore a cheerful uniform of jeans and striped T-shirts; to last Spring’s armor of motorcycle boots, leather jackets, and head-to-toe gray.  Things that were my favorites are laden with so much baggage that wearing them makes me feel like I can’t breathe, but seeing them in a pile with the rest of my victims somehow makes me feel like I’m in control.  So, sorry striped T-shirts and birthday dress and really sexy gray sweater.  You were great, but just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now that I’m done, my closet is amazing, organized, and full of things that I love.  Reminders of where I’ve been are in my head and my heart, but I don’t have to wear them anymore.  Things that I didn’t remember that I had are suddenly my new favorites (I’m talking to you, super chic Calvin Klein jacket).  And, bonus!  All of this good energy has unleashed a creative surge that is producing some seriously inspired ensembles, so I’m about to start looking pretty good.

So, take that, 2011.  You are not the boss of me anymore.  You had your chance, but now you’re going to have to watch from the sidelines while 2012 and I totally kill it.

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