Autumnal Letter from the Editor

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Here we are again, with an autumnal Halloween issue, full of material which is diverse, entertaining, appealing and appalling. Our contributions come from Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, New York, Iceland, Argentina, and East Asia! We have music, jokes, criticism, fiction, and travel logs! We have an intro with a lot of commas! Don’t be afraid, it’s safe to love us – we love you! Some of us do, at least.. others, it’s hard to say..

Clothesline is digital media buffet – DIG IN! It’s Halloween and you’re working? Or maybe you’re unemployed? Neither? Shouldn’t you be sleeping or swimming in your gold? Whatever your situation, this is a perfect pastime – the ideal distraction. Keep a tab open in your browser that you can switch to when you need to look busy, and enjoy what this classy collective has cultivated for your pleasure.

You know what’s spooky? How much we’re giving in this relationship when all we ask in return is that you like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and/or invest thousands of dollars (email for more information). Take your pick – all the contributors were expecting was glory, which they have achieved this in spades, don’t you think?

Are you still reading this? YOU’RE CRAZY! There’s so much good stuff here and all I’m doing is awkwardly pleading for your approval (FB, TW, $$)..

Ladies and gentleman, without further adieu, I present to you, from the most impressive new media mavens in all the digital land…

Quoth the Craven

Want to hire one of the contributors for your commercial benefit? How dare you assume that we would so easily ( to me after..) sellout!

Earn cred, share a bit.

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