Laugh it Up

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Through the digital postal service, these remote collaborators take aim at crafting a bossa nova boogie. Yes, their musical influences are varied, but you’ll have to take my word for it because this is their debut single.

Erik Stonikas – Songwriting, Guitar, Vocals
Marty Tilton – Arrangement, Trumpet, Strings, Percussion
Michelle Holder – Songwriting, Vocals

Stay tuned for more music from The Bellwether here on Clothesline Productions!


your freedom is a joke
your freedom is a lie
they paddle, prod, and poke
from castles in the sky

your happiness is bought
your happiness is sold
too busy for a thought
too busy to go home

they make you speed it up
with fear that you’ll run out
they bog you down with stuff
and shove it in your mouth

spit it out

welcome to the undertow I trust that you’ll adjust
they insist on punishment for those who make a fuss
but being told that hope is dead is punishment enough
so we design vernacular to fill our tummies up

with love

the meaning doesn’t hide
as long as you are sane
the choices are a prize
as long as you are game

your freedom is a joke
your freedom is a lie
they laugh so hard they choke
they laugh so hard they die

who’s laughing now?

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