Starfunk and the Renegade Lightning Production

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Starfunk and the Renegade Lightning Production is Brian Stark’s solo project. All instruments on this track played by Brian Stark, special spoken word appearance by Casey Williams. The album this came from (Sexy on the Inside) as well as its companion album, Boxers on the Outside, are available for purchase on iTunes. Email him at if you are interested in receiving hard copies of either CD.


The sky is gray and the air is cold
And the days are short, and I’m not that old
But it has been other ways, don’t you remember?
There was a time we could run and play
I’d go hunting any time of day!
Now we just breathe smoke and blow on burning embers

When your best friend is the sun, it’s a pain in the neck
Cause when he leaves he won’t say when he’s coming back

Woke up today just like yesterday
Only yesterday wasn’t freezing rain
It was cold, but it was dry, I wasn’t bothered
So I spent last night in an open field
And I woke up to a thunder peal
If I’d found a cave, I wouldn’t be soaked with water

Now you’d think that every day would be the same
But whichever guy controls the sky
Won’t stop playing games
And what if it keeps on this way -
Wetter and colder every day?
My life would be a frozen awful shame

But something’s changed and I can’t explain:
There ain’t no more wind and ain’t no more rain
And the smoke that clouds the air is dissipating
And I see a deer over yonder hill;
If I hurry, dear, I can catch it still!
Ah, the thrill of hunt is so exhilarating

If I sneak up real slow, this one won’t be anticipating

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